Fantasia Fair has a long and proud tradition of honoring the spouses, partners, and families of transgender and gender nonconfirming people– those who support us in our everyday activities, despite of and sometimes because of who we are.

This year we are pleased to announce that Fantasia Fair’s Couples and SO programming will almost double its therapist-lead sessions. Part of this growth includes new sessions focused specifically on the trans-person who is in an active relationship whether their significant partner is attending the fair or not. The SO track will also see new programming focused on intimacy, led by a board certified Clinical Social Worker/Sex-Therapist. The number of couples’ sessions is also increasing to provide smaller, fast paced, focused discussions while increasing the sharing opportunities for each couple. All of this is possible due to the gracious commitment from two long-time friends of the fair, Psychologist Maureen Osborne and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Carole MacKenzie.

Psychologist Maureen Osborne (left) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Carole MacKenzie will faciliate the partern/significant other track.


Maureen and Carole have been doing wonderful work for years at Fantasia Fair. Both have worked extensively with trans people and their partners. We are grateful to have them at Fantasia Fair 2018.

Are you a partner with questions?

If you a partner with questions or concerns, then Fantasia Fair is the place to be. The Fair has always offered
workshops specifically for partners, spouses, and couples, led by expert and empathetic professionals. Throughout the week you’ll find many sessions of interest to those in relationships. Some of these workshops are specific to partners, while others are more general. There are also sessions for transpeople partnered with other transpeople.

Get-Acquainted Luncheon for Partners

Immediately after the orientation brunch on Monday, wives and partners of trans and gender nonbinary Fairgoers meet down the street from the Crown & Anchor at the Lobster Pot restaurant, a Provincetown landmark at 321 Commercial Street. The purpose: to get to know one another. Jolie LaValle is coordinator; you can meet with her and walk as a group to the Lobster Pot.

Lunch is on your own, from 12:00 noon through 1:15 pm.

Morning Coffee Clatches

There will be meet and greet gatherings for significant others every morning from Tuesday through Saturday. These are held in Suite 201 at the Crown & Anchor. They will run from 9:00 through 9:45 am and are facilitated by Jolie LaValle. To help you become fully awake, the Crown & Anchor will provide a coffee service.

The C&A  has one of the few elevators in Provincetown. To go upstairs, walk up the ramp at the front of building and take the stairs or elevator. 201 is on the left at the top of the stairs.

Meet and Greet gatherings for trans and gender binary attendees of the Fair will be held concurrently, downstairs at the Boatslip, 161 Commercial Street.

Friends of Bill meetings are also held concurrently. These are at the Universalist Unitarian Meeting House, across the street from the Crown & Anchor at 306A Commercial Street. These run ten minutes longer than the Meet and Greets.

Help from licensed professionals, and from your peers

Fantasia Fair’s partner program has always been facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, and partners themselves have always taken an active role in the program.

Our professionals in recent years have been Maureen Osborne, Ph.D., and Carole MacKenzie, LCSW. Both have vast experience with transgender people and their partners and significant others.

Do you just need to talk to other partners?

Often it is helpful to get the perspective of others in similar situations. If you just need to talk with other partners, Fantasia Fair gives you that opportunity. Every year, about a quarter of the people who attend the Fair are partners, so there are plenty of people to talk to. The week of the Fair gives you lots of time to meet and interact with other couples and individuals in T-partnered relationships, to share stories and insights, to become part of a community.

Participate as much or as little as you want

Partners are free to participate in the Fair to whatever degree they wish, guided by their own level of comfort and interest. Some partners become involved and take leading roles in Fair activities. Some partners just come to enjoy Provincetown and the people it attracts. You set your own level of participation. If you have an interest in learning and sharing ideas about your experiences, you will be able to share them–or not, if you prefer, at sessions and in conversation.

Have a vacation or work on your relationship–or both!

You can use the Fair to work on your relationship, or just enjoy the relaxed anything-goes atmosphere of Provincetown.

The unique aspects of Fantasia Fair–its length and breadth, encompassing all things “T” from the serious to the frivolous, and its charming setting make it a great event to attend as a couple. Imagine strolling about town or along the beach, hand-in-hand with your partner. From the natives, you’ll likely encounter friendly welcomes or benign indifference; transpeople are old friends to them–and you’ll find the tourists on their best behavior.

Discounts on Registration

The Fair organizers have long understood the value of the Fair to couples, and how much the presence of partners adds to the Fair.To encourage partners and couples to come to the Fair, we provide a generous discount for the partner’s registration. We urge you to take advantage of the special opportunities Fantasia Fair offers for couples. Come join us in October.