Registration for Fantasia Fair 2018 is open and will remain open through the end of the Fair. You will be able to pay by card when you register. We accept checks and direct payments via Paypal and cash at the event. Please do not send cash through the mails and please do not mail checks after October 1. Click on the button to begin the registration process, and thank you for registering for the Fair. You won’t be disappointed.



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Fantasia Fair Registration, 1978. Photo courtesy of Emily Sheldon.

By the time one figures in transportation costs, registration, lodging, and the money that will be spent on meals and other things, no multi-day hotel-based transgender conference is cheap. We strive to keep our rates low while providing the best experience possible, but we understand attending Fantasia Fair is expensive. It’s an entire week long and  chock-full of events, activities, and meals. Our price per day is competitive with other transgender conferences,, and of course our attendees get far more meals and first-rate food. Still, for many, coming to the Fair will require careful budgeting.

We offer discounts for early registration, and our refund policy is generous. Attendees can register for the entire seven days or for the first half or second half of the week. We offer discounts for partners, and we offer as many scholarships as possible for people who would otherwise not be able to attend.


2018 Rates

Ends 4/30 Ends 6/30 Ends 10/1 After 10/1
Self  Full $560 $600 $620 $650
SO Full $530 $575 $594 $625
Self Half $360 $365 $370 $390
So Half $340 $345 $350 $370

Amounts to be paid in full by July 15th


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel prior to May 1st, there is absolutely no penalty. Until June 30th, there is only a $50 penalty, and even after that our penalties are as low as we can make them without costing other Fair attendees money. There are no refunds after September 15th. There’s a reason for this–in mid-September we must pay for meals, based upon the number of attendees. Once orders are placed, we are committed. We must pay for your meals whether you come or not.

If you are unable to make it to the Fair but have already paid for your registration, you have the option of applying 100% of your payment toward the next year’s Fair.

Refund Amount
Prior to May 1 Full Refund
May 1 through June 30 Full Less $50
July 1 through August 31 75% Refund
Sept. 1 through Sept.15 50% Refund


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