2018 Biographies of Presenters (Listed Alphabetically)



Rob Anderson
Robert (Rob) C. Anderson launched PtownTours, ptowntours.com, an art and architecture walking-tour company of Provincetown, in 2009, but has been giving tours both domestically and internationally since the 1990’s. Rob has worked as a Resident Historian with Viking Ocean Cruises, in Europe, is a trained artist and designer, an author, an historian of architecture, interior design, and art, and has traveled extensively for pleasure and research. In 2007, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to Poland and Russia, researching art and architecture, and in 2014, Rob completed his PhD in sociology and architecture with Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Rob continually volunteers as a docent for Boston By Foot, has led guided tours through the Walter Gropius House, and has taught at various colleges and universities in New England. He is presently teaching architectural history and design at the Boston Architectural College and Endicott College.



Robyn and Audri Bazlen-Weglarz
Robyn and Audri Bazlen-Weglarz were married in Provincetown on October 21st, 2006. The ceremony was held at the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House. Robyn had been coming to P-town for Fantasia Fair since 2001 and Audri since 2004. They had often discussed the possibility of moving to P-town and running a bed & breakfast, but it never seemed like a possibility, until 2010. Nine summers later, they have settled into the innkeeper lifestyle and embraced year-round living in Provincetown.




DJ. Emerson
A little bit about myself: I’m a DJ, chef and traveler from Truro who works locally in clubs, at special event and weddings during the Summer and shoulder seasons. In the off season I am traveling, seeking out special food and playing destination events throughout the U.S. and abroad. My tastes in music are as diverse as the crowds I play for, and I am renowned for my ability to read a crowd and select just the right musical mix for each different event.





Jan Brown
Jan is a proud transgender member of her local community and co-founder of her local transgender support group, Mid-Hudson Transgender Association in the Hudson River Valley of New York. She’s happily married. She has participated in and presented at many transgender events including IFGE, SCC, Be-All, First Event, Liberty, Empire, and (her favorite) Fantasia Fair. She has been a part of the Fantasia Fair planning committee for several years. Jan is the Fair’s Office Manager and “Let’s Go” Coordinator for 2018. She treasures her participation in the community. If you have any questions, thoughts, or comments, please contact her at the Fair at the registration desk, located in the Boatslip hotel daily, or via the daily “Let’s Go” email.


Gerri Cannon
The first openly transgender elected official from her hometown, Gerri Cannon has dedicated her life to improving the lives of the trans community in New Hampshire – from addressing workplace discrimination against those who identify as LGBTQ, to adding gender identity to the list of characteristics protected from discrimination under the law. Small business owner and operator ready to advocate for the interests of other small New Hampshire businesses A former professional truck driver with hundreds of thousands of miles under her belt, and a keen understanding of the shipping industry School Board member, committed to funding school programs through both traditional and non-traditional methods.


Officer Emmett Catanese
Officer Catanese has been a police officer with the Town of Provincetown for more than six years. He began his career as a summer police officer in 2012, and was then hired full time. He graduated from both the Reserve/Intermittent Police Academy and Full-Time Police Academy at the top of his class, winning the Brian Daley Academic Award twice. Officer Catanese earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and after graduation worked for seven years with the Transportation Security Administration. In 2017 he was appointed the Civil Rights Officer for the Provincetown Police Department, where he serves as a patrol officer. He enjoys traveling to experience new landscapes, cultures, and food. He is an out transman.


Carrie Chandler, MD, PhD
Carrie Chandler is a trans-feminine physician and educator from Ohio who teaches medical students, residents, practicing physicians, nurses, and other providers of health and social services ways to help gender-diverse communities. Her prior workshops at Fantasia Fair have been Passing: What’s the Big Deal? and Take-Home Messages from the Fenway Conference.





Ryan “Flare” Cook
Hi! I am Flare, or Ryan, if you must. I am a fairy who finally found my fairy name two years ago! I started knitting about 15 years ago in Los Angeles. I moved full time to Provincetown three years ago with my husband and two dogs. I am so happy to be in a great town with great energy and amazing people.




Jose Cuadra
Jose Cuadra teaches Brazilian Zouk in Boston and is an organizer for Boston Zouk on The Docks. He’s trained in most of the Latin style dances, and more.





After attending last year’s Fair, Linda expressed interested in facilitating a forum for those attendees who were not intending to or planning a transition.




Erin Daily
Erin has been coming Fantasia Fair since 2003 and has done a little of everything, from taking lunch tickets and co-hosting the follies to directing and performing during the Follies. She has been presented multiple awards from the Fair, her most cherished being the on her wife gave her in 2014-her wedding ring. She is a veteran of many stages, and believes everyone has a voice to be heard and her aim is to provide that opportunity. Erin believes the Fair to be one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves, you just need to be open to receive all it has to offer.


Dallas Denny
Dallas Denny is a writer and activist who resides in northern New Jersey. Her novel Chance Down the Mountain is in press with Foundations, LLC and should be in print by the end of summer. She founded and was for many years the executive director of American Educational Gender Information Service (Now Gender Education & Advocacy) and editor of the journal Chrysalis. She was editor of Transgender Tapestry from 1998- 2006. She was Director of Fantasia Fair from 2001-2007 and has attended Fantasia Fair since 1991. She is the author of three books and many book chapters and magazine and journal articles. Dallas is the recipient of the IFGE Trinity and Virginia Prince Lifetime Achievement Awards and Real Life Experience’s Transgender Pioneer Award and has been named to the Trans 100 list. Her website is dallasdenny.com.


Aaron H. Devor, PhD
Aaron Devor has been studying and teaching about transgender topics for more than 35 years. He holds the world’s only Chair in Transgender Studies, is the Founder and Academic Director of the world’s largest transgender archives, and is the founder and host of the Moving Trans History Forward conferences. He is the author of three books and numerous well-cited scholarly articles about trans, non-binary, and gender-variant people. He has delivered lectures to audiences around the world, including more than 20 keynote and plenary addresses. He is Historian for the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), has been on the Standards of Care committee since 1999, and is in charge of translating the Standards of Care into world languages. Dr. Devor, an out trans man, is a former Dean of Graduate Studies (2002-2012) and a professor of Sociology at the University of Victoria, Canada.


Mason Dunn
Mason Dunn is Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and co-chair of the Freedom for all Massachusetts campaign. An educator and activist, Mason is also an adjunct faculty member in the communications department at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, where he specializes in LGBTQ images and perspectives. He has been an advocate and activist for transgender rights for more than ten years, working across the country to ensure equal rights and protections for his community. Mason graduated from the University of New Hampshire School of Law as a member of the Daniel Webster Honors Scholar program in 2012 and holds a BA in Criminal Justice from Western Oregon University. He is a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association and the Massachusetts Commission for LGBTQ Youth, and is on the board of the Trans United Fund.


Lorelei Erisis
Lorelei Erisis is a writer, performer, activist, adventurer, improviser, and a genuine pageant queen! She is also a proud Queer Trans Woman, who regularly writes, speaks and teaches about transgender issues, sexuality, and improv. Read her column Ask A Trans Woman in The Rainbow Times and her blog Transproviser at transprov.wordpress.com. Lorelei also quite enjoys a nice Irish Whiskey and can be contacted directly at askatranswoman@gmail.com Follow her on Twitter: www.twitter.com/erisis



Tony Ferraiolo
Tony Ferraiolo is known both as a compassionate and empowering Life Coach and a motivating and thought-provoking trainer. Since 2005, Tony has provided trainings to more than 15,000 people around the country. Tony has dedicated himself to promoting competent and respectful health care for the transgender community, to educating providers, and to advocating on behalf of patients. He also trains to provide safe and respectful space for transgender children in a school environment. Tony encompasses a unique ability to make light of a sometimes challenging situation which puts his audience at ease to fully participate in his trainings and leaves his audience with a greater awareness of how to move forward in supporting their patients, staff, co-workers, students, and children.

In 2008 Tony started several support groups to support transgender youth and their families, the groups meet concurrently, providing a complete support system for these families, drawing families from New York and throughout New England.


TJ Gundling
Born and raised in the suburbs of northern New Jersey, TJ is an erstwhile recovering engineer, currently a Professor of Anthropology at a public university in the Garden State. Research interests include the history of human Origins and, more recently, transgender studies. TJ’s gender identity and expression is best described as hovering about on the feminine side of androgynous (for now). Other activities/hobbies include studying Buddhism, playing the guitar, watching films involving ghosts, visiting as many major cities as possible, and, occasionally, preparing global cuisine.



Nick Greiner
Nick Greiner began transitioning three years ago and attended Fantasia Fair last year for the first time with his trans parent, Sibil. He was inspired by the organizers and fellow attendees and extremely honored to receive the Mr. Congeniality Award. He lives in Philadelphia where he is an out transman involved in his local LGBT community. He co-facilitates an open trans* group, is a board member and street coordinator for Philly Pride Presents, and is a member of the Philadelphia. LGBT Police Liaison Committee. He served proudly in the U.S. Coast Guard under DADT and vowed to never hide again after he was honorably discharged.


Allyson Hale
Through personal tragedy and traumatic events, Allyson Hale gained a new perspective and insight regarding human responses, interactions, and reasoning as to why we do and say what we do. With this new knowledge of herself and her expertise with molding and shaping individuals, both physically and mentally, she hopes to help others open the door to explore this knowledge with themselves and others. 2015 was the start of her own awakening into the individual she needs to be; a translator of simple human decency. Allyson currently works for the Massachusetts DOC, Souza Baranowski Correctional Center, and serves in the Army Reserves/National Guard (17 years of service). She holds the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7) and position of Battalion Operation NCO for HHC Natick Amory. She has 28 years of Japanese Jujitsu training and a BA in Sociology from Framingham State University.


S.J. Langer, LCSW-R
S.J. Langer is a writer and psychotherapist in New York City, where he maintains a private practice. He is on faculty at School of Visual Arts in both the MPS Art Therapy and Humanities & Sciences departments. He is a member of the Executive Committee for the Psychotherapy Center for Gender and Sexuality at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. His most recent academic article, Trans Bodies and the Failure of Mirrors, was the co-winner of the Symonds Prize from Studies in Gender and Sexuality. His first book, Theorizing Transgender Identity for Clinical Practice: A New Model for Understanding Gender, will be released in January 2019 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.



Dee LaValle
Dee LaValle grew up in Massachusetts and has been a regular Fair attendee since she began her transition almost five years ago. Dee works for an international multimedia corporation as a manufacturing Engineer/Operations Scheduler with responsibilities for the Northeast region. In her career she has held numerous senior leadership positions in Management, Operations, Procurement, Distribution/Logistics, Sales, and Marketing. Her skills include team building, project management, statistical analysis, Six Sigma, and Lean manufacturing. Dee is a member of the Fantasia Fair 2018 planning committee.



Jolie LaValle
Jolie LaValle: You can call me Jaye or Jo or Jolie. My mother picked my name out of a baby book in the 60’s then my dad piped up to say it was his grandmother’s surname at birth (spelled Joly, but you get the idea) so I’ve been telling people how to spell it ever since. My loving spouse Dee and I have been married for 25 years. She came out to me in 2015. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, graduated from Wellesley College, now working in the financial services industry. Dee and I have one teenager who is shopping colleges this year, another who is addicted to Fortnite, a black cat who stalks birds and a dog who is determined to sleep under my side of the bed. Throw in some deer, random coyotes and a fisher cat and call us the LaValle (with a capital V) family.



Heather Leigh
Heather Leigh is an Event and Chaos Coordinator at Yale Law School for the last 15 years. A single mom with two amazing kids, 16 and 10 years old. She is a trans ally and advocate for the past 8 years, hosting Diva Social TG in New Haven, CT for the past 3 years.





Ret. Sgt. Carrie Lopes
Carrie Lopes retired in May 2018 after 34 years of service with the Provincetown Police Department. She served as a patrol sergeant for 16 years and was the Civil Rights Officer and LGBT Liaison Officer with FanFair for 21 years. She also handled Domestic Violence, Elder Affairs and Sex Offender Management for the department and served as a training officer for both full time and seasonal personnel. Carrie is enjoying retirement with her family, getting projects completed (finally), travelling and looking forward to continuing her relationship with the Fair.


Cynthia and Madeline Marquardt
Cynthia Marquardt is a co-founder and owner of Ephektiv, Inc., an Organizational Development consulting and training company. She is the Financial Officer, Business Manager and head of project management for the company. Cynthia has over 25 years of project management, overseeing projects througout the United States, Canda and Europe. Prior to co-founding Ephektiv, Cynthia helped create and manage Tosan, Inc. Cynthia pursues her interest in helping people in disadvantage situations and helping others reach their full potential. Her favorite role in life is that of a Grandma. Cythina enjoys traveling, reading, gardening and walking among the grapes in vineyards.

After a lifetime struggle Madeline (formally Martin) Marquardt came to accept that she is transgender and in late 2017 completed a transition to living life as a transgender woman. While challenging, this experience has brought additional dimension and understanding to Madeline’s approach to culture, leadership, and diversity in the workspace, especially the critical role that inclusion plays in how individuals and organizations succeed. For over thirty years Madeline has focused on assisting national and international clients to manage systemic change, clarify strategic direction, complete structural redesign, shift culture, develop executives and leaders, and improve inclusive diversity and employee engagement. Specifically, she has worked collaboratively with Nuclear Industry leaders to help define an Optimal Culture for Nuclear Power Plants and has served on various Nuclear Culture and Safety Oversight Boards. She has helped leaders in the U.S., Canada and Europe develop and implement long-term initiatives to transform performance through culture change and leadership and employee development.


Carole MacKenzie
Carole MacKenzie is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Hartford, CT. She has focused upon service to the LGBTW community for many years, working with trans* and queer clients, gender creative children, and their families and allies. She is an AASECT-certified sex therapist and supervisor. She teaches human sexual behavior at the University of Hartford, is a board member of Hartford PFLAG, and is a member of WPATH.




D. M. Maynard
D. M. Maynard is a veteran teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the field of education and Founder/Director of Maynard’s W.I.S.D.O.M., Inc., an education service. She has spoken at conferences within the U.S. and throughout the world on her passions: teaching socialization and academics through games and play, promoting gender equality for young children, and giving voice to the partners of those in transition. Her published articles are: Introducing Gender Equality in the Early Childhood Classroom (2013) and The Magic of a Creative and Engaging Classroom (2014). Jessica Kingsley Publishers will release her forthcoming workbook for partners of transgender people in January of 2019.


Dan McKeon
Dan comes from upstate New York, where he shot his first photos with a black-and-white Polaroid Swinger camera back in 1967. Influenced by his Uncle Frank and his Aunt Mary, the family photographers, Dan spent much of his childhood making sure family events were memorialized on film. He moved to Provincetown in 2009, following retirement from his 35-year career with the New York State Office of Mental Health. In 2011 he became the Event Photographer for the Provincetown Business Guild and has worked with Provincetown Magazine since 2012. In 2011, he was the Production Photographer for the independent film Bear City 2, the majority of which was filmed in Provincetown. His work has appeared on MSNBC and on NBC’s Today Show, and he has been awarded first prizes in several local photography contests. Additionally, Dan started a wedding photography business in 2012 and has expanded into real estate photography as well. He donates his services to local charitable organizations, including the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod and Helping Our Women. He also is the Event Photographer for the Pilgrim Monument, Crown & Anchor, and Pied Bar, and is a featured photographer for Cape Air’s in-flight magazine, Bird’s Eye View.


Niela Miller, MS.Ed
Niela is the author of the first book intended for counselors of transpersons, Counseling in Genderland (1995), which is available on Amazon. She worked at the Fair for twenty-five years, doing workshops in personal growth. See her website for more background.




Hera was born for fashion. An only child, she was the sole beneficiary of her singles mom’s impeccable sense of drama and beauty. “I grew up watching her with much admiration–she was always creating something beautiful with her hands, especially when it came to applying makeup. I was fascinated by how she could change her loos on a daily basis.” Destined for the style scene, Hera began her beauty career in New York City as a model for Bob Mackie, Geoffrey Beene, Zandra Rhodes and many others. But she wasn’t just a pretty face; she created pretty faces as a makeup artist and stylist for leading brands like Chanel and Creed of London. Now, Hera owns the exclusive Klymaxx Unlimited boutique in Provincetown, a mecca for women’s accessories in addition to hair and makeup consultations for special occasions. “It gives me the greatest pleasure and fulfillment to make people look and fee beautiful.” She says. “I put my heart, soul, and experience into all my clients to help them achieve their dream look. It’s what I was made to do.”


Maureen Osborne, Ph.D.
Dr. Maureen Osborne is a licensed psychologist who has specialized in gender identity issues for over 25 years. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1984, and is a longtime member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). After retiring from her suburban Philadelphia practice in 2015, she now maintains a small practice in Orleans, MA, where she works with transgender adults, adolescents, couples, and family members, helping them to maintain and rework important relational ties in the midst of changes in gender awareness and expression. Dr. Osborne leads a monthly online video support group for cisgender partners of trans persons. She also offers clinical supervision and online second opinion evaluations for individuals seeking gender-confirming surgeries. She has given numerous presentations community organizations and gender conferences over the last 20 years. Dr. Osborne appeared in the award- winning film, “Trans” as well as the documentary “Just Gender.” This is her 10th year facilitating the couple and partner track at Fantasia Fair, and in 2015, she was honored with the “Friend of the Fair” award.


Sirena Rivera, MD
Sirena is a board-certified physician. She lives near our nation’s capital with her lovely wife, Else Adler, who also attends the Fair. Sirena earned her Bachelor of Arts from a public university in her home state and her Doctor of Medicine from an Ivy League school. California and New England hold special places near and dear to Sirena’s heart and she calls both of those places home. Sirena practices medicine in a private outpatient clinic and spends some of her time blowing through a long, coiled brass tube in a local concert band. She is also an unabashed nerd, part of her local science-fiction and gaming scenes, and will admit freely to watching way too much Star Trek and Game of Thrones. She identifies as gender-fluid and presents stereotypically feminine on a part-time basis. This will be her fourth Fair.


Emily Sheldon
Having attended just about every Fair since the late 1980s, Emily Sheldon is well-known within the Fantasia Fair family. Not only has Emily been an active participant, she has given back to Fair in many ways in both official and unofficial capacities. Emily has helped backstage at the Follies, taken tickets at Fair events, been the Fair’s number 1 cheerleader, and so much more. Emily contributions have been recognized a number of times, including awards for Ms. Most-Helpful (1989), Ms. Congeniality (1998), and Ms. Fantasia Fair (2004). This year she continues her long-time role as volunteer coordinator for Fantasia Fair. See Emily if you would like to help the Fair.



Tina Simmons
Tina is first and foremost a parent, grandparent, and “parent” of her beloved dog, Mr. T., and totally in love with her spouse, Chris. She has taught undergraduate and graduate computer science courses in the past but now works as a software engineer. She loves playing the guitar (badly), singing, walking, hiking, the beach, listening to music, and the Oxford comma. She is not an out or transitioning transwoman but she is taking more steps every day to find her authentic self. Needless to say, she is very excited to be helping out with the fair this year!




Cody Suzuki
Cody Suzuki “Ask not what your Gender can do for you – Ask what you can do for your Gender” Hailing from Massachusetts, Cody Suzuki s a local MA/RI Trans* Queer Non-Conforming Spoken Word Artist. With passions in poetry, play, lyric & story writing, his original works can educational, most in verse and often humorous delivering gender accepting messages to audiences of all ages. Supporting Trans* and Non-Conforming community everywhere, his wish is to educate, enlighten and entertain with the same breath! A long time Fantasia Fair attendee & performer, current projects include opening for the URI play “Trans Views” touring production, RI Pride Trans & Queer Slam, Southcoast Equality Pride, First Event, hosting workshops, Spoken engagements, impromptu reads or anywhere there’s an open mic! You are welcome to join Cody and Nick Greiner on the stage Wednesday night at the Fashion Show, hear his Words Thursday night at the Open Mic & Poetry Night then see him perform Friday night at the Follies!


Alice T.
Alice is a professional social worker with a strong interest background in religious studies. She was published in Trans Bodies, Trans Selves. She is convinced that the RC Church is 90% anachronistic and the part that’s not is selling bingo or some such. However, she sees that a small but substantive part of that anachronism is looking 10,000 years into the future – at a time when we will have learned Peace. As in the ‘problem’ of the Middle East will have been resolved and centuries of enmity will have dissipated. In those days people will scratch their heads wondering how North Korea and the United States could have come so close to destroying Time (not to mention the planet earth…). She is a garden variety transwoman.


Angelina Vail-Bouros
For over 30 years Angelina Vail-Bouros lived a negative life, was a drug addict for 35 years, and spent over 13 years in prison. Today, she manages the maintenance and security of 13 medical facilities and owns a highly successful handygirl home maintenance business. Angelina is also the chairwoman of the Mid Hudson Valley Transgender Association and a member of the Ulster County Legislature’s Human Rights Task Force. She credit’s these achievements solely to changing the way she thinks and feels about herself.




Rhonda Williams
Rhonda was born a talker, and has parlayed that talent into a large variety of talking gigs, culminating in being Co-MC of the Fabulous Fantasia Fair Follies! She is a proudly outspoken advocate for the trans community, and never turns down an opportunity to … er, … educate her fellow humans on how to be supportive of society’s trans members. Rhonda is excited to be part of the Follies this year, and hopes she doesn’t fall down on stage, or leave her skirt tucked into her pantyhose like that one other time.



Liz Winter
Liz Winter is a longtime Fair attendee who has been happy to be able to facilitate the Pink Fog workshop for the last three years. This year we have added an additional opportunity to discuss your Fan Fair Experience earlier in the week. Perhaps best known for sleeping in after late nights and her odd sense of humor, she is up for the challenge to present a morning workshop this year. Liz holds a Masters degree in Social Work and is an LICSW. She has done extensive work with child protective services, domestic violence and sexual abuse victims and group work in her professional career.



Carolyn Wolf-Gould, MD
Carolyn Wolf-Gould attended Hamilton College and Yale University School of Medicine. She has been a family physician in Oneonta, NY since 1994, and has practiced transgender medicine as part of general primary care since 2007. She is the founder of The Gender Wellness Center at Susquehanna Family Practice, a center that has been growing rapidly to meet the needs of patients in upstate New York. She and her team of providers are the recipients of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Grant from 2016 – 2019 to create a rural based Center of Excellence in transgender health for upstate New York. She loves attending Fantasia Fair.