Descriptions of Events

Please note 2019 events are listed below, 2021 events will be announced on this page early Summer 2021.


2019 Keynotes

(Listed by Day)


The Philosophy of Crossdressing and Gender through the years!
Professor Miqqi Alicia Gilbert

Miqqi is an author, a long-time contributor to Fantasia Fair, and a former director. Come and hear Miqqi describe the evolution of being an activist in the international transgender community and the revolution of gender expression though the years.

Building Community Over the Years
Marisa Richmond, Ph.D.

Marisa has seen the transgender community evolve over the past 30 years. She has worked with many people while wearing different hats. Since 1992, she has taken on leadership roles to help this evolution and build communities along the way. Marisa will recount how she did this from the beginning, when she became the first Board Chair of the Tennessee Vals, and then in 1996, becoming Board Chair of AEGIS (American Educational Gender Information Service), her first position in national leadership. Marisa will inspire us to continue to build this community as we move forward despite the many continuing obstacles.

Fantasia Fair: A 45-Year Walk from the Shadows of Misunderstanding to the Warm Sunlight of Liberation
Sandra Mesics, RN, MSN, CNM, HonDSc

Fantasia Fair No. 1 in 1975 fundamentally changed the direction of the fledgling transgender community. Ariadne Kane blazed a new path that changed the language we used, the way we interacted and became an inclusive community, the way we viewed ourselves and the way society at large viewed us. This pivotal week in October 1975 not only changed the community, it transformed my personal journey. We will look back at where we came from as we also look toward the future.

The Legacy of the First Fantasia Fair Panel Discussion
Ariadne Kane, Sandra Mesics, Dallas Denny, Niela Miller, Mariette Pathy Allen

Join our panel for a lively conversation about the birth of THE longest running transgender event currently in the world today! The panel will tell us anecdotes and stories from the Fair’s early days, plus share how their Fantasia Fair experience influenced their lives as activists in the community. There will be ample time at the end for questions. The panel will be moderated by Miqqi Alicia Gilbert.

The Birth of Fantasia Fair!
Ariadne Kane

It’s hard to believe Fantasia Fair has endured for forty-five years. The first Fair, held in 1975 here in Provincetown, was an experimental gathering which almost collapsed before it started. It was an attempt to make something out of nothing. So many things went wrong—with the site, with events, with participants—but it turned out to be the funkiest of Fairs. Having said that, it’s also fair to say the first Fantasia Fair was the grandest of all. From a Nor’easter roaring through PTown to a film festival that bombed, to schedules that fell far behind or were aborted due to the speaker not showing up, it was a hot mess. In a way, nothing worked—and yet everything worked better than anyone could have imagined.

Transgender Partnerships; Then and Now at Fanfair and beyond!
Niela Miller, M.S. Ed/Communications

Niela Miller is a retired counselor who in private practice worked with numerous people, spouses and families touched by the trans-experience. Come and hear Niela share stores and writings from her book, COUNSELING IN GENDERLAND, the first book published that helped train professionals to prepare for working with transpeople and their families. Niela pioneered working with spouses, something that had never been done before. Come and hear her describe this work and her efforts with couples and those wanting to be one half of a couple. Niela will interact with the audience and describe the importance of good communication in partnerships that work and what that actually means. There will be plenty of time left at the end for questions from the audience.

2019 Workshops & Events

(Listed Alphabetically by Event Title)

A Shared Journey of Transition and Love: Surviving Transition Together
Deborah R. Fabian, MD & Leslie Hilburn Fabian, MSW
The Fabians will discuss how transition emerged as the only possible solution to Deborah’s recurring distress. They will explain how Leslie reached this conclusion, then encouraged her mate to pursue happiness, despite uncertainty about what this would mean for their marriage. The couple will shed light on the workings of their relationship, the handling of their early cross-dressing challenges, the ways in which they built and enhanced their marriage through two decades, and, finally, the ramifications of a transition at 62.

A Stitch in Time: Introduction to Simple Garment Saves
Jewels Johnson
Interactive hands-on learning about saving garments and possibly saving the day! In this session you will learn how to do simple garment repairs. Lean how to thread a needle quickly and how to tie the correct knot. You’ll learn how to replace a missing hook & eye, button or snap. Plus, you will learn how to hand stitch a small seam “pop” about an inch or two long. Other quick fixes and garment saves will be discussed such as safety pins and Hollywood tape. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers. Please! No wardrobe malfunctions here.

Aging While Trans: Health and Wellness for Trans Seniors
Sandra Mesics, RN, MSN, CNM
.Like the general population in the United States, the transgender population is graying. Is the aging experience of trans individuals different from cisgender people? How can we modify our lifestyle and healthcare practices to enjoy a productive, healthy old age? What are the special concerns of transgender individuals related to aging? What are we particularly at risk for? What can we do to mitigate risks? What resources are available to us? We will attempt to explore these factors in this presentation.


Book Presentation: My Husband’s a Woman Now: A Shared Journey of Transition and Love
Leslie Hilburn Fabian, MSW
Leslie will talk about what prompted her to tell her husband to investigate transitioning. She will explore the paradox of being heterosexual, yet wanting her mate’s happiness, despite the sacrifices it required of her. She’ll expound upon her own difficulties and struggle in watching her male spouse of twenty years morph into a woman. Ms. Fabian will read excerpts from her book, My Husband’s a Woman Now: A Shared Journey of Transition and Love; she will also sign copies of her book purchased during the talk.


Catholics in the Closet
Alice T.
Transgender Catholics are susceptible to TWO closets. We usually can’t disclose this to other Catholics but also can’t tell other transgender people that we’re Catholic–particularly while dealing with the abuse that plagues us and the many transphobic church statements. Transgender Catholics are marginal in both worlds. Despite this, our voice can help and is needed to liberate the wider community from a variety of crucifixions. We can do this by looking beyond categories and cultural paradigms, and through recognition of our own intrinsic worth of the self, and the practice of self-naming and self-revelation.

This meditation’s focus is St. Martin Luther King’s statement: “I refuse to accept the cynical notion that nation after nation must spiral down a militaristic stairway into the hell of thermonuclear destruction.” From this perspective, it is seen that societal laws against men wearing panties and supporting the flat earth theory, slavery, and killing adulterers are temporary. 🙂


COMMON Conversations!
Jolie & Dee LaValle

Come and join us for a pre-event social prior to the premier of our new show, Common Threads! We will share in some good conversation plus some awesome sweets. Our hospitality suite Roomers at 306A Commercial St. will be opening up early and we can all walk down in plenty of time for the start of the Show. The title says it all: Common Conversations. Now isn’t that a beautiful thing‽


Cody Suzuki & Nick Greiner
Join us for our new COMMON THREADS Fashion SHOW! Bringing together a show of fashion to the authentic story the outfit speaks about ourselves. THE FANTASIA FAIR COMMON THREADS Fashion SHOW is where the tales of our fabrics can truly weave. To conclude our show, an added bonus, yes, it’s true! Our COMMON THREADS Show is two shows in one. 6 WORDS invites all to the stage who wish to share, using only 6 WORDS, what FANTASIA FAIR sincerely means to you! Participation is open to all Fairgoers, Sign up Monday afternoon in the Fair office at The Boatslip or email your 6 WORDS to For more information, please see the FANTASIA FAIR COMMON THREADS Page.

Dancing at Club Purgatory

After the Follies, come party at Club Purgatory at 9 Carver Street, in the basement—it’s “Almost Heaven.” This after party will double as an optional costume party. Earl Kendal will have a sumptuous banquet laid out for all you witches and princesses and pirates, yaaaarrr!

Demystifying Transgender through proud history, simply biology and a story of resiliency
Allyson Hale
This workshop will acquaint participants with: transgender history, the biology that makes questions of gender more complex than the binary system of traditional social norms, and the importance of owning one’s life as a transgender person.
Fantasia Fair 45th Anniversary Musings!!!
Karen Jandro & Dee LaValle
Fantasia Fair contributors over the years share about their many experiences and quite possibly a few funny stories along the way. A lot has happened in the friendly confines of Provincetown over the 45 years. Come and hear the stories and possibly share a laugh as we take a glimpse into the Fair’s storied past and the people who have contributed to its success for all of us. A reception and a Polar Plunge will follow, see below.

Fantasia Fair 45th Anniversary Celebration Reception

Dee LaValle
Gather around as we toast 45 years of Fantasia Fair and its annual celebration of gender diversity. There will be lots of cake and a champagne toast. (Ginger Ale will be available as well). A Polar Plunge will follow.

Fantasia Fair 45th Anniversary Shark Swim

Carolyn Wolf-Gould with other brave and hardy souls
Join us at the back of the Paramount Room for this unique activity of a polar plunge into the ocean. There will be plenty of towels provided and lots of encouragement. (Swimsuits are required)

Fantasia Fair Chorus
KayeCee Kennedy, Music Director
Building community, confidence and fun through the language of music while learning basic music skills that can be used throughout your life. These mini sessions will be offered daily for you to exercise your voice with musical expression. Come to one, two or all five sessions. For those interested the chorus will perform in the Fantasia Fair Follies on Friday night.

Fantasia Fair Follies
Rhonda Williams & Nick Greiner
Come see some of the community’s brightest new talents, both professional and amateur, in this charity fund-raising cabaret and talent show. For more information, please see the Follies page.

Farewell Brunch
Come as you are to the farewell brunch at Pilgrim House, where you’ll be treated to a good meal before you head home. The restaurant will open up at 7:30 am for those who want to get an early start on their journey home. The brunch is long enough so attendees can pop in and out as is convenient as they prepare to leave Provincetown. Prepare for hugs from your new friends if you’re a first-timer, and from new and old friends if you’re a returning Fairgoer. If you need to leave very early and can’t make it, so long until next year!

Fight, Flight or Put on your Party Dress
Representative Gerri Cannon
Just when the world was looking better for Transgender people, the rug has pulled out from beneath our feet by people in Washington who don’t know or care about who we are. What can we do to change things back and improve life for all of us? Each of our situations are different. Confidentiality, family situations and work situations may dictate how we can be actively and publicly involved. Gerri will share some of the challenges she faced as she became a public figure and how her experiences may help attendees find ways to get involved in a way that fits our own situations. Come join in the discussion to share your ideas and experiences.

First Annual Fantasia Fair Shark Dip
Ellen Phillips and Carolyn Wolfe-Gould, Shark Dip Coordinators
Join the Popular Girls first thing in the morning for a refreshing dip in Provincetown Harbor. There is nothing, we mean NOTHING, like an early jump into a bracing body of saltwater to start the day well. For those of you with sensitive skin or distrust of our silver friends, the Great Whites, we offer the Boatslip pool as an alternative dipping venue. Meet us every morning, Monday through Saturday at 7 AM by the pool at the Boatslip. All dippers are counted daily, automatically become member of the Popular Girls, and will be publicly recognized for their bravery and exuberance. See you bright and early! Oh, dippers assume all risks and harpoons will not be provided, sorry. Please bring extra shark repellant to share.

Gala Awards Banquet
Dee LaValle
The annual Fantasia Fair Gala Awards Banquet is the highlight of the week! Show off your finest threads in this black-tie affair and congratulate this year’s award recipients. For more information, including a list of previous awardees and award categories, please see the Gala Awards Banquet page on our website

Getting Out and About in NYC & elsewhere
Jan Brown
Jan has managed to get out and about all over with several friends who also talk about their experiences and what things to keep in mind. The emphasis will be on places she’s been and what she’s done in NYC, NYS, FLA and elsewhere. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share for a good relevant discussion.

GIRL TALK: An Open Discussion About the Societal Norms Of Living as a Woman
Heather Leigh
A group discussion mediated by cisgender trans advocate, Heather Leigh, where we talk and demystify the written and unwritten rules of societal norms as they relate to woman. From clothing, sitting, eating, walking, mannerism and even bathrooms

Group Photo
Dan McKeon
Please join us for a group photo! There are two dates scheduled for this, with the second being the rain date.

It Ain’t Me, Babe–or Maybe It Is (Cis partners only)
Maureen Osborne, PhD
This workshop will focus on the journey of the non-transgender member of the relationship. It will shift the conversation to their needs and challenges.
Focus Questions:
What does being the partner of a transgender person mean about you? How has it changed you? What have you learned? What are the losses and what are the gains? How does this fact fit into the larger frame of your individual life story? How do you feel as a cis partner in cis and trans spaces? How do you see the future?

Knit with Flare
Ryan “Flare” Cook
Whether you are new to knitting or a seasoned professional, come to PÜRL for an afternoon of knitting, conversations, and discussions! Please bring your own projects or discover something you want to work on in the shop! If you are a new knitter, there will be an inexpressive starter kit that will get you going on your first project. There will be light refreshments!

Workshop: (This session will be offered twice, please choose one)
Learning to Define Your Own Terms, Speak Your Mind, and Negotiate with Your Partner Around Transgender Expression and/or Transition
(Couples in Attendance Only)
Maureen Osborne, PhD
Whatever the state or stage of your relationship, there are special challenges in a cis/trans relationship that require self-examination, fearless and mutually respectful dialogue, and negotiation. We will look at some principles and strategies that should ease the way.
Focus questions:
How do you handle conflict in your relationship? Does one person give in more often? Do you speak your mind, or are you easily silenced? How do you ask for what you need? Do you know what you need? Can you slow things down or say no without risking hurt or alienation? Is one partner better with words than the other? Do you feel that one person has more power, and if so, why?

Living Happily as a Single Person
Niela Miller, M.S. Education/Communications
The state of happiness is internal, not dependent on a partner or external circumstances. It is possible to strengthen your ability to create a beautiful life with contentment whether or not it has romantic love in it. Come and learn about how to improve your communication while claiming vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness, so intimacy is possible in whatever form it takes.

Lost in the Pink Fog
Liz Winter
You finally made it to Provincetown, and Fantasia Fair was the most fabulous experience of your life. You’re pumped up, full of new self-confidence, and unable to think about anything but expressing yourself in your preferred gender role. Back at home, the world seems drab and you chafe at having to hide part of yourself from your family, friends, and co-workers. You want to burst forth, heedless of consequences, and proclaim yourself to the world, and you think you just might. Congratulations. You’re in the Pink Fog. The Pink Fog (Blue Fog for FTMs, and we suppose Lavender Fog for nonbinary folks) is the state of euphoria we experience when we take our gender expression to a new level. It’s a dangerous time to make decisions, and yet a time when we most want to. Come talk about the Pink Fog with your peers and get suggestions on how to find your way out of it. Highly recommended for first timers

Five lunches and two brunches are included with your full-week registration. These meals are in various restaurants, all within easy walking distance from the center of town. When you check in at the office to get your registration packet, you’ll receive a sheet of tickets for the restaurants you pre-selected at registration. You’ll need these tickets when you arrive for lunch or brunch. Tickets are good only for the date and location printed on them.

Measure Twice; Order Once!
Jewels Johnson
An interactive hand on workshop leaning how to take correct body measurements for the purpose of purchasing garments online or in a store that will be close to your actual size regardless what the tag says. Paring up in two’s, each attendee will take each other’s measurements and record them for comparison to size charts listed on garment websites. How to select between sizes and various styles vs body type will be covered. Pens, paper and tape measures will be provided. Each participant will leave with these and a dated record of their own measurements. Don’t worry! What happens in the workshop, stays in the workshop!

Meet Your Fellow Couples: Telling (or Updating) Our Unique Love Stories
(Couples in Attendance Only)
Maureen Osborne, PhD, and Carole MacKenzie, LCSW
In this workshop for couples only, we will give ourselves the time and space to meet fellow travelers and tell our stories in a safe and supportive environment. Intended for first timers as well as couples who have been coming to FanFair for years.
Focus Questions:
How long have you been together? How did you meet? When and how did you hear about your partner’s transgender nature? How are you both handling that now? Do you have children? If so, tell us about them. Who among your family and friends know about the transgender part of your relationship? How has that been? What is the best thing about your relationship? The most difficult?

Meet Your First Fair Mentor!
Tina Simmons & Jolie LaValle
If you are interested in getting the most out of your First Fair experience, having a mentor could make all the difference. If you haven’t met your mentor, or are interested in one, stop by right after Orientation for a brief chat and we will point one out to you.

Night Out on the Town!
Part of what makes Fantasia Fair special is it takes place in Provincetown. Few places are as accepting and affirming as our host city, and here you will be safe, respected, and honored, whatever your gender presentation. Fairgoers are encouraged to explore the restaurants, bars, and dance clubs of Provincetown. As you plan your dinner reservations for your nights out at the Fair, please try to support our advertisers, who have supported the Fair in the Participant’s Guide and on our website. When making your choices, please be sure to tell the wait staff and manager you saw their ad in the Fantasia Fair guide. There are a variety of fine restaurants to choose from in all cuisines and price ranges, all within walking distance or, for those wearing sky-high stilettos, a short cab ride from the center of town.

Open Mic Night
Cody Suzuki & Kristi Chiasson
Listen friends and you shall hear! The genuine voices of trans*, allies and gender queer people coming live from the Paramount Room on Thursday night. That’s right, step right up to our open mic! One is by voice and two is by song as we open with vocal expressions, followed by musical acts and close out with a sing-a-long! We are open to all genders and genres! Bring along your poems, instruments, stories, songs, words, lyrics, stand-up routines, strums, or just bring along your listening ear! That’s right! Fantasia Fair’s one and only Open Mic is moving to the Paramount Room from 8-10 pm! There will also be a cash bar available. This event is open to the public and will be a great opportunity for you to get comfortable with the stage and mic before the Follies on Friday night! Come early and reserve your spot!

Photographing Fantasia Fair from the ‘80s on.
Mariette Pathy Allen
This presentation offers images of a wide range of people within the transgender spectrum. It will include individual portraits as well as political and social activities. Mariette will present images and stories, both entertaining and moving. You will probably be amazed by the changes in attitude that have evolved over time for gender nonconformists as well as for the cis world. The purpose of this presentation is to offer a historical view based on her lived experience. Through her artistry, Mariette honors the humor, intelligence, courage, and determination of the people who have passed through Provincetown.

Pioneer Award Banquet & Auction
Dee LaValle & Dallas Denny
Every year, Transgender Education Association honors transgender leaders—those who have sacrificed their careers, their families, their fortunes to change the world so transgender people could begin to come together in safety and comfort. Without them, we would not be here; we would be at home, hiding in our closets. We meet to honor their work and thank them for all they have done for us and to give them back a little in return for their decades of work on our behalf. This year, we are recognizing Marisa Richmond, PhD. See the Transgender Pioneer Award Banquet webpage for more about the evening and more about Dr. Richmond.

Princesses and Unicorns: Moving Comfortably Beyond Gender Stereotypes
Heather Verdui and Dallas Denny
Everybody explores who they are and who they can be, and transpeople are no exception. In fact, we’re particularly challenged! Our limiting beliefs, reluctance to move beyond our comfort zones, and lack of experience in our target genders can be impediments. Eventually we mature in our expressions, moving beyond stereotypes and our initial beliefs about who we are and what we will be like. This discussion will explore ways to help you on your personal journey.

Reclaiming Emotional and Physical Intimacy: Is it Possible? (Cis partners only)
Maureen Osborne, PhD.
A loss of intimacy is the most often reported casualty of a relationship in which one partner comes out as trans. We will explore the many reasons for this and will dig into practical strategies for reclaiming emotional closeness and sexual expression against the daunting headwinds of trust damage and perceived changes in sexual orientation.
Focus Questions:
What changes in sexual and/or emotional intimacy have you experienced in relation to one partner coming out as trans? How have they affected you individually and as a couple? What do you need in order to rework the underpinnings of intimacy in your relationship? What about you and/or your partner gets in the way? What are you willing to willing to try to change these patterns? Can you have satisfactory emotional intimacy even if sexual intimacy is not part of your relationship?

Reclaiming Emotional and Physical Intimacy: Is it Possible? (All trans people in a relationship are invited)
Carole MacKenzie, LCSW
A loss of intimacy is the most often reported casualty of a relationship in which one partner comes out as trans. We will explore the many reasons for this and will dig into practical strategies for reclaiming emotional closeness and sexual expression against the daunting headwinds of trust damage and perceived changes in sexual orientation.
Focus Questions:
What changes in sexual and/or emotional intimacy have you experienced in relation to one partner coming out as trans? How have they affected you individually and as a couple? What do you need in order to rework the underpinnings of intimacy in your relationship? What about you and/or your partner gets in the way? What are you willing to willing to try to change these patterns? Can you have satisfactory emotional intimacy even if sexual intimacy is not part of your relationship?

Registration and Check-In
Even if you registered in advance, you still need to check in! This is just like having to check in at a hotel, even though you booked a room in advance. During check-in, you’ll get an Identification badge and a sheet of tickets you’ll need to gain entrance to the many events that take place throughout the week. You’ll also receive a packet of goodies, which will include a welcome letter with contact information, the first issue of our daily newsletter, Fantasia Fair Gazette, a map of Provincetown, information on the Common Threads show, Open Mic Night and the Follies, a printed copy of the schedule for the week, a printed copy of the Participant’s Guide, a special 45th anniversary commemorative charm/pin and pen, plus a colorful Provincetown tote to hold it all.

Reclaiming your authentic identity: Reflections from a 77 year old femme trans girl
Michelle Allison, LMFT
This workshop will explore how the presenter managed to uncover and reclaim a lost gender identity after wandering about in the psychological wilderness for 73+ years. Using personal narrative, the language of psychotherapy, and feminist and transgender theory, Michelle will describe how the arc of a person’s life span influences their gender identity. And most importantly, how to use your gender variance as a source of personal agency and empowerment. Since the details really do matter, the following useful themes will be considered:
• the role of the mental health professional in trans care: and what is gender dysphoria, anyway?
• barriers to gender expression among older adults: spouses and children, work and career;
• the physical limitations of older bodies: the possibilities and limits of expression
• the emotional dynamics of long term, highly closeted experience: casting off shame
• responding positively to your newly minted role as a marginalized person: intersectionality
Finally, how does the trans experience open up new ways of understanding the meaning of the gendered self: the trans mission to the broader cis world.

Workshop: (offered Thursday and Friday with session throughout the day)
Sephora, Classes for Confidence
Class topics TBD
Sign-up for these classes will be done during the selection process when you will also select your restaurants and events.

Significant Others—Get Acquainted Lunch (Dutch Treat)
Jolie LaValle
If you are the cisgender significant other of a transgender or nonbinary person attending the Fair, you are cordially invited to join the other SOs for a dutch-treat lunch. Get to know each other, share experiences, swap advice, and hear how to get the most out of the Fair. You’ll discover that we share a lot in common! You can meet us at the Lobster Pot or walk down as a group after Orientation concludes. (For cisgender partners only).

Significant Others—Daily Meet and Greet Gathering
Jolie LaValle
This is a relaxed, safe space to connect with other SOs who are attending the Fair. Come share a coffee, ask questions, and figure out how to get the most out of your time at Fantasia Fair. These daily gatherings are recommended for all SOs. (For cisgender partners only).

Significant Others—Goodby Circle
Jolie LaValle
A look back at the week and a chance to trade contact information, plus get a lot of hugs! (For cisgender partners only).

Stand By Me: Being Trans in a Committed Relationship with a Cisgender Partner
(All trans people in a relationship are invited)
Carole MacKenzie, LCSW
This workshop will focus on the trans member of a relationship and the challenges they have faced in trying to balance their needs for gender expression/transition with the needs of their cisgender partner to catch up with the new context this presents for them.
Focus Questions:
How did you come out to your spouse as trans? Was it a long-anticipated relational ripple or an unexpected tsunami? If you are still together, how are you dealing with the day-to-day dilemmas of balancing your needs against your partner’s? How do you manage the problem of your changing needs, i.e., the moving target issue? If your relationship did not survive, what were the reasons, as you see them? How does this reality fit into the larger frame of your individual life history? How do you see the future?

A Stonewall Witness
David Velasco Bermudez
The LBBTQ community would look very different today without the actions 50 years ago of the brave individuals at Stonewall Inn. One of these individuals was Cape Cod resident David Bermudez. David will be at the Provincetown LGBTQ Welcome Center to describe the experience as history was beginning to unfold. It all started at Stonewall; come and hear a voice of a man who was there.

Sunday Worship Service
Fantasia Fair attendees have been worshiping at Provincetown’s UU Meeting House for more than 40 years. Join together in fellowship with your friends and PTown natives for contemplation and worship.

TAVA – Calling all Transgender Military Veterans!
Angela Brightfeather Sheedy
ALL transgender U.S. military (and U.S. allies) – Active, National Guard, Reserve, Retired, or honorably discharged – are welcome to attend (we’ll take your word for your veteran status, no DD Form 214 required) this reception. Fantasia Fair registration is NOT required to attend this special reception in honor of all those who have served our country in uniform. There will be a very short patriotic ceremony to open the reception and a moment of silence to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, followed by informal discussion and camaraderie with your sister and brother service members. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.

The Creative Process- Theme: Identity and Expression
Niela Miller, M.S. Education/Communications
In this workshop, we will be making art, writing songs and poems, sharing anecdotes (written or spoken), and playing with movement, in short, encouraging the use of unique experiences as material for creative processes and products. Art materials will be provided. Participants should bring writing tools.

Trans attendees—Daily Meet and Greet Gathering
Cody Suzuki & Tina Simmons
This is a relaxed, safe space to come to connect with others who are attending the Fair. Come share a coffee and talk about how to get the most out of your time at Fantasia Fair. It’s a great way to start your day. If you have questions, our facilitators will be able to point you in the right direction. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend, especially first-timers.

Trans exclusion by Lesbians and Gay Men in the Immediate post-Stonewall Period
Dallas Denny
Trans people were front and center at the Stonewall Inn on July 28, 1969. In fact, we were the touchpoint for the riots, as police singled them out for arrest and incarceration when the raided the inn that night. We were active in the Christopher Street March, the first Pride event, and thoroughly integrated in gay and lesbian organizations and events at all levels.
Not long after Stonewall, however, elements in the gay and lesbian community began excluding and deplatforming us, and it wasn’t pretty.

Transgender Civil Rights Protections and Engaging Law Enforcement
Assistant Attorney General Sara Colb and Officer Emmett Catanese
Assistant Attorney General Sara Colb will present an overview of the work of the civil rights division of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office with an emphasis on transgender rights – both from a broader policy perspective and on specific cases to address incidents of gender identity discrimination. She will also speak specifically about the Attorney General’s Office’s work combatting hate crimes, and the tools law enforcement has at its disposal, both criminally and civilly, to address acts of hate. Provincetown Police Civil Rights Officer Emmett Catanese and Colb will talk about their joint work in this space, and more broadly about the need to identify and report these incidents so that they can be charged appropriately, and so that law enforcement has all the information it needs to pursue those responsible to the full extent that the law permits.

Transcribe and Transform: A Writing Workshop
Carolyn Wolf-Gould, MD & Taryn Gundling
The process of writing in a group can have deep and lasting value, both as a way to find voice for one’s experience and to create a caring community. This workshop uses brief writing exercises as a means to connect to one another and to explore our experiences from the unique perspective each individual brings. Participants will be asked to respond in writing to a series of diverse prompts and then further asked (but not required!) to share their writing with others in the group. You don’t need to be a professional writer—we ignore grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We ask only that you come with a willingness to put words on a page, and possibly share them. Through the writing, we hope to get to know one another more fully and also ponder the impact of identifying as trans or of knowing someone who is trans in a safe, nurturing environment. All members of the trans community and their allies (SOs, extended family, friends, advocates, providers, etc.) are welcome for one day or every day!
Learning objectives:
• Participants will practice writing short stream of consciousness pieces based on a series of prompts
• Participants will ignore principles of grammar, spelling and punctuation
• Participants may share their writing with others in the group in a safe, structured fashion.

Volunteer Planning
Emily Sheldon & Karen Jandro
If you want to get the most out of your Fantasia Fair experience, then get involved! Find out about opportunities to volunteer throughout the week in this brief get-together.

Walking Tour
Sgt. Carrie Lopes, (Retired)
Experience the sites of Provincetown in this fun and informative tour that focuses on the history, art, and architecture of this seaside community. Your guide, Carrie is recently retired from the Provincetown Police Dept where she was responsible for touring the new recruits around town as part of their orientation. Today you will be the new recruits!. Come and Carrie will lead you through the fabulous streets, quaint hidden alleyways, and you’ll discover stories about the town. Tour time is 1.5 hours. Please wear your comfortable walking shoes!

Welcome! Dinner/Dance
DJ Emerson
We celebrate the first full day of the Fair with a good ole fashion dinner/dance. No need to get all gussied up it’s a casual affair, featuring happy hour in the lounge, a scrumptious meal with dessert, followed by DJ Emersion spinning the tunes. Kick off the week on the dance floor!

Welcome Orientation Brunch
Dee LaValle
In this late morning get-together, you’ll have a chance to mingle with your new friends and find out what you can expect during the week. We’ll point out who is responsible for what, where to get the latest information, and talk about the various happenings of the week. We will explain this year’s programs and features in detail.

Welcome Reception
Planning Committee
After a long day of travel, relax with your old friends and meet your new ones at the Pilgrim House, 336 Commercial Street. Come dressed formally, come dressed casually, come dressed as a guy, or come dressed as a girl, or your gender-nonconforming self—Just come by Pilgrim House on Sunday from 6-8 pm and enjoy yourself!

Workshop: (This session will be offered twice, please choose one)
What Do We Do About Trust? (Couples in Attendance Only)
Carole MacKenzie, LCSW
Some breach of trust is almost always present in a relationship where there is a trans partner, no matter at what point the truth was revealed. In this session, we will talk about the meanings we have for trust and its importance in any relationship. We will also explore ways that broken trust can be repaired and protected going forward.
Focus questions:
What do you mean when you say that you can’t trust your partner? How does it make you feel? What agreements did you make that feel as if they’ve been violated? Are there mitigating factors? Is intentionality important? Can you discern and communicate what you need from your partner in order to feel safe again in your relationship? Is there any part of your reaction to perceived trust violations that has its roots in your own family and relationship history? Is there anything that YOU do that makes it less likely for your partner to treat you in a trustworthy way? What kinds of behaviors and statements make you more and less likely to trust your partner?

What to expect after gender affirmation surgery?
Shannon Whittington, RN MSN
In this interactive and energetic presentation Shannon describes the challenges of coming home with new or different body parts. Designed for health care professionals in general, but also applicable to any person who is considering gender affirming surgery, this presentation covers all the basics of what to expect once surgery is completed. Shannon provides the challenges and possible complications but also the triumphs of a successful surgical intervention. The audience leaves with a clear understanding of reasonable clinical expectations of gender affirmation surgery.

Wrap-up and Integration of the Week’s Learning Experiences
(Couples in Attendance Only)
Maureen Osborne, PhD and Carole MacKenzie, LCSW
In this final session, your leaders will gather together and reflect on all the wisdom we have generated as a group of intrepid pioneers navigating new frontiers of gender relationships. Each couple will have an opportunity to share what they have learned and what they hope to accomplish going forward in their relationship.

Your Ideas for the Future of Fan Fair
Dee LaValle
To continue to prosper, the Fair must grow and evolve along with its participants. This session is dedicated to hearing your thoughts concerning the Fair, what works, and what might be improved. We also will be distributing a list of specific jobs that may be of interest if you wish to get involved. There is no need to volunteer for anything at this session, but please do come and share your thoughts.