Merissa Sherrill Lynn: Her History as She Wrote It

News Release
15 November, 2018

Release of a book about Merissa Sherrill Lynn, a former Director of Fantasia Fair. This book is a composition of Merissa’s life from childhood in New Hampshire to serving in the US Army Ranger forces and then became the founder of International Foundation of Gender Education.

From an all-male ski instructor to a mature woman running the largest transgender organization. The book compiles 40 emails she wrote to close friends and three previously published articles from Tapestry.  As publisher of the TV/TS Tapestry Magazine Merissa reached thousands of gender questioning individuals which helped build a united community. Her work opened the doors and let the light shine on this community. This is truly a book for everyone’s library.

The book is available in soft cover for $16.95 and as tablet/phone/Kindle download file for just $4.95


Help Wanted! Get involved and be a part of the Fantasia Fair 2019 team!

The Joys of being a volunteer at the Fair!















For the Fair to continue, it depends upon the time and effort of volunteers like you. Please consider getting involved in the efforts for Fantasia Fair 2019. It is rewarding, fun, and a great way to give back by giving a little of your time. Last year was a great success and 2019 can be even better with your help.

Job descriptions and sign-up form is located at the link below. If you think you are only able to commit to part of what’s listed, sign-up, you are still needed.

Thank you!

Volunteer sign-up form can be found here!

2018 Transgender Pioneer Award Presentation

October 16, 2018 – Provincetown, Massachusetts

The 2018 Transgender Pioneer Award was presented in Provincetown, Massachusetts to Dr. Aaron H. Devor, Chair of Transgender Studies, University of Victoria from RLE/TEA chair Dallas Denny. Dr. Devor in his acceptance remarks outlined the story of a first generation pioneer Virginia Prince.

The entire Award presentation can viewed here which has been broken into two parts:

Part 1: Opening Remarks and remembrances of Merissa Sherrill Lynn and Dainna Cicotello

 Part 2: Award Presentation.

Photos from Fantasia Fair 2018 Have Been Released

2018 Award Winners: LTR: Kim Ng (Fantasia Fair); Cody Suzuki (Fantasia Fair); Niela Miller (Lifetime Achievement): Rhonda Byrd (Congeniality); Jolie LaValle (Most Helpful); Carrie Lopes (Friend of the Fair): Arden.


Photos from Fantasia Fair 2018 have been released!!!

If you attended Fantair Fair 2018 as a registered attendee you have received a link via the email address we have on file in the registration system. If you had any secure photographs taken, they were e-mailed directly to you..

The link to the FanFair18 photo pool is shared only with registered attendees, so please be respectful of your fellow Fairgoers’ privacy by not sharing the link. Also, please seek permission from each person visible in each photograph prior to posting.

The photos came out exceptionally well, Thanks to Dan McKeon for a terrific job in capsulizing the week for us.

In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out for permission to use some of the photographs on the website and in next year’s Participants Guide. Now is also a good time for you to share with us any special images you captured. We are especially looking for a scenic image for the cover of next year’s Guide.

A link to the Pioneer Award presentation will also be included with the note you have received. It can also be found in the news section on the website.

In a few weeks, video clips from the Fashion Show and Follies will be available.


Massachusetts voters affirm Transgender protections.

Fantasia Fair and Transgender Education Association

7 November, 2018, 1 am EST


A few hours ago, Massachusetts voters rejected bigotry and discrimination by overwhelmingly voting YES on Question 3, a ballot veto measure that sought to repeal Massachusetts Senate Bill 2407, which prohibits discrimination based upon gender identity. By a margin of more than two to one, voters upheld the law. A no vote would have repealed SB 2407 and allowed discrimination on public accommodations for transgender and gender nonconfirming people.

Mason Dunn, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and Co-chair for the Freedom for all of Massachusetts Coalition sponsoring the Yes on 3 Campaign (and a keynote speaker at Fantasia Fair 2018), said “Voters here in Massachusetts have sent a powerful, unmistakable message that this is a state that values, welcomes, and honors transgender people.” Yes on 3 Co-Chair Kasey Suffredini said, “Winning this popular vote is irrefutable proof that public support for transgender people is growing, and tonight’s outcome will provide the necessary momentum to change the landscape on transgender rights everywhere.”

Fantasia Fair recently celebrated it’s 44th year in Provincetown. Provincetown, Cape Cod, and Massachusetts have been home to the Fair for 44 years and have provided amazing support and understanding for our event and our attendees. We are grateful to the people of Massachusetts for voting YES on 3, sending a clear message of tolerance and justice to the United States and the world.

Dallas Denny
Chair, Transgender Education Association

Dee LaValle
Director, Fantasia Fair 2018


Fantasia Fair Director for 2019

Fantasia Fair is pleased to announce Dee LaValle as the Director for 2019.
Dee was brilliant as she took on many difficult jobs for 2018. She was director of programs and updated and laid out the participant’s guide. She did a thousand other tasks. During the Fair she was up late every night producing and printing the daily newsletter. I can’t say for sure how late she stayed up, but I went to bed at 4:30 am on Saturday and she was still at it.
Congratulations, Dee! Well deserved!