Fantasia Fair has a long and proud tradition of honoring the spouses, partners, and families of transgender and gender nonconfirming people– those who support us in our everyday activities, despite of and sometimes because of who we are.

This year we are pleased to announce that Fantasia Fair’s Couples and SO programming will almost double its therapist-lead sessions. Part of this growth includes new sessions focused specifically on the trans-person who is in an active relationship whether their significant partner is attending the fair or not. The SO track will also see new programming focused on intimacy, led by a board certified Clinical Social Worker/Sex-Therapist. The number of couples’ sessions is also increasing to provide smaller, fast paced, focused discussions while increasing the sharing opportunities for each couple. All of this is possible due to the gracious commitment from two long-time friends of the fair, Psychologist Maureen Osborne and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Carole MacKenzie.

Psychologist Maureen Osborne (left) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Carole MacKenzie will faciliate the partern/significant other track.


Maureen and Carole have been doing wonderful work for years at Fantasia Fair. Both have worked extensively with trans people and their partners. We are grateful to have them at Fantasia Fair 2018.