2022 Event Information will be posted mid summer 2022


Friday, October 22, 2021

8:00 PM

Crown and Anchor
Paramount Room
247 Commercial Street


Join MCs

Rhonda Williams and Nick Greiner

And The Show Goes On…


Tickets for the General Public are Available for Just $20


100% of donations and tips will be donated to Support a Provincetown Charity!


Beautifully produced, with professional lighting and production expertise, our fabulous Fantasia Fair Follies talent show features some of our community’s brightest talents, both professional and amateur. Every year, people come from throughout Cape Cod to see this spectacular and popular event. Be sure to arrive early to get a good seat!

The Follies is held at the Crown & Anchor’s Paramount Theater, 247 Commercial Street, located across the street from the Town Hall in the heart of Provincetown. .

The Follies is not just an evening of fun and music, but also a charitable fund‐raising event. Donations and tips given to the performers are donated to charity. In past years, we made contributions to the town library and to the local police, an AIDS support group, a local hospice facility, the town soup kitchen, the Provincetown Welcome Center, a senior services group, and we helped buy the fire department a life‐saving defibrillator. Over the years, the people coming to the Fantasia Fair Follies have raised more than $50,000 for organizations that serve the people of Provincetown and Cape Cod.

If you’ve ever wanted to perform, or if you are skilled or a professional entertainer, the Follies gives you a chance to shine. Break out your guitar, sing your favorite song, recite a dramatic monologue, or just pretend you’re Katy Perry or Beyoncé and lip-synch!

If you are uncertain or nervous about performing, don’t be! The audience is always warm, welcoming, and out to have a good time. The Follies director and an array of wonderful coaches will help you with your performance. If you want to bring out your inner diva, just sign up and you too can be a star!

Please remember to sign up for the Follies early, since there is time and space for only so many performers. Sign-up takes place Monday afternoon; see the schedule for the location.


Follies and Musician Sign-Up Form