Late Nights at Roomers

A place set aside nightly exclusively for Fair attendees to socialize, share some snacks and laughs!


A Brief History of Late Nights at Fantasia Fair

Late Night Pajama Party at Fantasia Fair, 1984. Photo by Mariette Pathy Allen.


Roomers Ad from 2003 Participant’s Guide

Late night get-togethers have long been a tradition at Fantasia Fair. In the early days the Fair assigned rooms, filling selected inns, and Fair-goers would have after hours pajama parties. Then for many years the late night activity was Roomers, an elegantly-appointed inn at 8 Carver Street. The owner was the wonderful Andy Turocy, who never seemed to mind how late the conversations and guitar and piano playing went on. Roomers was always fully-booked with a Fairgoers who stayed up late every night filling bowls with snacks and calling Mercedes Cab for Fairgoers too woozy to walk to their inns. Vacancies were few, and those interested were almost cross-examined by Roomers regulars to make sure they were up for late-night gabfests. All good things come to an end, and eventually Andy sold his inn and moved to Key West. Roomers became part of the Brass Key complex. The owners were kind enough to allow us to use it for late-night get-togethers, but the space didn’t really work. The Roomers crew looked fruitlessly for an alternate setting, but were unsuccessful. Our late night watering hole had dried up, and there seemed to be no replacement. But then Fair planners found a replacement for Roomers– an apartment at 306 Commercial Street!


Did you know Fantasia Fair has a tradition of informal late-night gatherings? Fairgoers meet after the conclusion of scheduled activities and talk and laugh and play music until the early hours. It’s been said the late-night activities are the heart and soul of the Fair!

Once upon a time the center of late night activities was Andy Turocy’s Roomers. In honor of Andy’s many years of support and kindness to Fantasia Fair, we refer to our late night gathering spot as Roomers.

This year Roomers is a spacious apartment at 306A Commercial Street. It’s a location we’ve used before, and it lends itself to leisurely chats, television watching, music, and refreshments. It has a full kitchen, a dining area, a big living room, and a deck. The hostess at Roomers (306A) is Sibil Greiner

Feel free to stop by Roomers any night from Tuesday through Saturday, and bring a musical instrument if you wish. The action starts at 10 pm and goes until 1 am, with attendance growing as the evening progresses. Expect to see Fair organizers and staff, first-timers, seasoned Fairgoers, friends of the Fair from Provincetown, and the person with whom you just had lunch! The entrance is on the side of the building. Just turn down the alley and you’ll see it. Go up the stairs and you’ll see the apartment; it’s to your right. There’s no need to knock; just open the door and walk in. If it’s after 1 am and the door is locked, the activities at Roomers are finished for the night. Refreshments are provided by the Fair, but please bring your own alcohol. If you should like to make a donation toward snacks, there will be a tip jar on the dining table.