So, Why Fantasia Fair?

Why come to Fantasia Fair? Why not attend one of the many other events for transgender and gender nonconforming people? Other events are great, and we encourage you to try them. We encourage you to give us a try, too, as Fantasia Fair is unique. Here’s why:


• Fantasia Fair is a full week long, running from Sunday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, providing a powerful full immersion experience. Attendees dress and interact with others and the town as their authentic selves for seven entire days. This has been life-changing and life-affirming for hundreds of our attendees. Perhaps it will be for you, too.

•The Fair isn’t confined to a single location, but is spread all over town. Fairgoers stay in dozens of small inns and bed and breakfasts and walk to more than a dozen locations for events and meals. We are everywhere in Provincetown, and for a full week.

• Provincetown is a welcoming and accepting town, both officially and on the street. We go anywhere we wish, night or day, without fear and without incident. It has been that way for more than four decades! We are a well-established and beloved part of Provincetown, and the town has our back.

• Provincetown is a glorious destination, with great natural beauty, world-class restaurants, dozens of art galleries and hundreds of boutique stores, bike trails through sand dunes and forests, lighthouses, a vibrant LGBT community, an active fishing fleet, and of course the Atlantic Ocean. Best of all, the people of Ptown are friendly, and they love us.

• We have the best significant others program anywhere. There are activities for spouses, partners, and allies every day, run by licensed mental health professionals. Many marriages have been saved at Fantasia Fair, and we hope to save many more. We strive to make the Fair an affirming and safe space for partners, however they feel about things.

• Our prices are reasonable. We offer full and half week registrations, and discounted prices for significant others. We know plans can sometimes change, and so have a liberal refund policy. No other event will feed you as often or as well, and few events can match our programming. We are a great value for your money, and we strive continually to keep our costs down so we can keep your costs down. For those who can’t or don’t wish to register, we offer a number of free and low-cost events, including daily keynotes and our fashion show and fabulous follies. Finally, Fantasia Fair is charming and intimate. We keep our numbers small, so it’s easy to make friends, both with townspeople and with other attendees. You can stay busy from morning until midnight, or take some time away from the Fair to pamper yourself or go exploring on your own. You’re flexible, and so are we!