We are transgender people, professionals who work with transgender people, and spouses, families, and friends of transgender people. We are physicians, mental health professionals, attorneys, educators, executives, pilots, chefs, factory workers, fishermen, farmers, you name it. We are healthy and unashamed, and we have been putting on this fabulous one-week event called Fantasia Fair every year since 1975.

52 Weeks a Year

Planning for Fantasia Fair begins more than  one year out. People from all walks of life work hard all year long to build a flawless and inexpensive Fantasia Fair. There’s a lot to do, and doing it is immensely satisfying!

During the Fair, volunteers staff the office, collect tickets, see to the needs of presenters, update the schedule, set up video equipment, take deposits to the bank, manage the Fashion Show and Follies, introduce speakers, and do a dozen and more other things. Fantasia Fair would not be possible without them.


Fair attendees volunteer for all sorts of tasks, from taking tickets at lunches and evening events to making bank runs to helping in ther office. Our volunteer team, coordinated by Emily Sheldon, changes from year-to-year, but is essential for keeping the Fair running smoothly.

Volunteering is a great way to overcome your fears and get to know people. Please consider helping us out!



Emily Sheldonq
Backstage Follies
Maureen Osborne, Ph.D.
Carole MacKenzie, LCSW

Professionals Donate Their Time


The Fair would not be the Fair without its professionals. Psychologist Maureen Osborne and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Carole MacKenzie work throughout the week with partners of trans people and trans people themselves. Provincetown’s Hera Navassardian works with attendees on presentation and style. Lorelei Erisis brings her improv and acting skills to the Follies, and Dan McKeon takes professional photographs. Attendees with experience in the beauty industry provide assistance with hair and makeup.

The Committee


The Planning Committee works throughout the year to plan and implement Fantasia Fair. The committee maintains this website, publishes the Participants Guide and other Fair-related materials, manages registrations, solicits and selects speakers for the many workshops, sells ads, and publicizes the Fair. They coordinate these many tasks by participating in bi-weekly telephone conferences.

In May, members of the committee travel to Provincetown to negotiate and sign contracts for banquets, lunches, and meeting space.

During the Fair, the committee has hundreds of tasks, the most important of which are greeting and registering arriving Fairgoers, staffing the Fair office, holding a welcoming reception on Monday, making sure meal counts are accurate, and depositing proceeds in the bank.

Dee LaValle
Karen Jandro
Temperance DuWitt
Dallas Denny

Dee LaValle

 Dee LaValle grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts. She is married and has been with her spouse for 37 years. They both have been blessed with two amazing teenagers. Dee began her transition almost six years ago and has been a Fair attendee ever since.  Dee was named Fair Director in 2018.

Dee works for an international multimedia corporation, she currently is a Manufacturing Engineer/Operations Scheduler, responsible for the Northeast region. In her career she has held numerous senior leadership positions in Management, Operations, Procurement, Distribution/Logistics, Sales, and Marketing. Her skills include team building, project management, statistical analysis, Six Sigma, and Lean manufacturing.

Karen Jandro

Karen Jandro will be participating in her 7th Fantasia Fair in 2018. She has told many she was blessed when Fantasia Fair awarded her a scholarship in 2012. She has been a volunteer every year since. Karen has been recognized for her dedication to the Fair three times!

Karen is self- employed as an entrepreneur in Western Mass. She enjoys amateur photography and is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. A long-time mentor, Karen is starting her 21st year in May, 2018, with an International Drug Demand Reduction Program. She holds a MBA Degree from Western New England College in Springfield, MA and has two Honorable Discharges from the United States Marine Corps.

Temperance DuWitt

As the 2015 Fantasia Fair Miss Congeniality and 2017’s co-Miss Fantasia Fair, this is Temperance’s sixth Fantasia Fair. She is honored and privileged to be the Fair’s new Registrar!

A native Washingtonian, Temperance holds two college degrees in music and two degrees in computer science. She resides near Rehoboth Beach, DE, but frequently travels to and from the Washington, DC area.

Temperance’s taste in attire could be classified at best to be eclectic, as, on more than one occasion, she has been observed dashing around Provincetown in some type of remarkable regalia. Her favorite type of dress is Victorian Gothic, particularly the magnificent and opulent ball gowns of the era, but she is also partial to the Civil War-era dresses.

Dallas Denny

Dallas Denny is renowned for her work on advocacy, policy issues, and health practices involving trans people. She has made hundreds of presentations and delivered dozens of keynote talks.

Dallas was founding director of the nonprofit American Educational Gender Information Service and was one of many founders of Southern Confort Conference. She has served on Fantasia Fair’s board and planning committee since 1992 and was Fair Director for seven years.

Dallas has written three books, more than 20 chapters in textbooks, and hundreds of articles, editorials, and columns for magazines and journals. She is former Editor-In-Chief of the journals Chrysalis and Transgender Tapestry. Her historical novel Chance Down the Mountain is in press.